Communications is the heartbeat of any law enforcement agency. The Communications Division of the Pepin County Sheriff’s Office operates with nine deputies and one supervisor. These same nine deputies and one supervisor also operate and staff the Pepin County Jail. The personnel assigned to this division are responsible for handling all incoming calls from citizens as well as other agencies and to disseminate this information via radio, telephone and computer as needed.  This includes all 911 calls received in the Sheriff’s Office. The Communications Division receives over 2,100 911 calls per year in addition to over 27,000 calls received on the non-emergency lines.

The Communications Division is also responsible for dispatching calls to two additional municipalities (Durand and Pepin), answering and dispatching emergency medical calls to Durand & Pepin ambulance services via radio, and dispatching for three volunteer fire departments.

In keeping with the advantages of modern technology, the Communications Division utilizes computer aided dispatch software and has completed its upgrade of the CAD system to accommodate GPS mapping systems and also implemented Phase II E-911. The Communications Division is headed by Lt. Blake McMahon.