The Sheriff’s Patrol Division is the backbone of the office. With approximately 249 square miles to patrol, of which 232 square miles is land and 17 square miles is water. It is the smallest county in Wisconsin by area but it is the fourth-least by populous.  A few other facts:

  • Patrol had 786 calls for service in 2015.
  • There were 61 warrants checked and 33 warrant arrests in 2015.
  • Traffic complaints and crashes are the most common patrol calls.

The office operates an assigned vehicle program. This program allows vehicles to be assigned to individual deputies which permits a quick response to emergencies from their residences. This program has also proven cost effective, as the per unit maintenance cost have been reduced due to better care. The fleet includes over 5 marked units and 3 unmarked units

This division performs many functions. The foremost is to protect and serve the citizens of Pepin County. These responsibilities include the enforcement of all state and federal laws involving criminal offenses.

The Patrol Division is supervised by Chief Deputy Greg Balow.